Dms Srl is a family owned company, that since 2007 designs and manufactures forestry equipments. It is established in Casina, a small town in the Reggio Emilia Apennines, covering an area of 1200 square meters, 650 indoor.

Our strength is for sure the will to create, that day by day moves us to think and build something original to satisfy our customers’ needs and to make with our own hands a product that will be used and appreciated by our customers for a long time.

From the beginning our aim was focusing more on the quality of the products than on the quantities we produce and today, after 10 years, our customers confirm us we have done the right choice. After several years and countless working hours, they affirm that we provided them with a high quality product and service.

This represents for us the highest satisfaction and it’s the path we have chosen, trying to increase the quantity of the proposed equipments, focusing on the quality that characterizes us.

We offer original, innovative and customized solutions, because we design our products in our offices. We have the best 2d and 3d software for the design process and for the FEM (Finite Element Method). That is what helps us to the achievement of our high quality targets.

We are at our customers disposal to develop projects of customized equipment  and obviously to take care about the production.

In our headquarter we perform several machining for shavings removal (drilling-turning- milling), bars cutting and shear metal cutting, welding and assembly of our products.
Our region give us the change to reach the best partner for the supply of the high quality materials, the production of our components with CNC machines, laser, plasma and flame metal sheet’s cutting and any special work or heat treatment that we need for our components.

During the selling process we always take care of the customer, offering the best solution, clarifying the exact purpose of the final product, the machine type on which he will install our attachments and relative technical features. We are specialized in proposing the most indicated product.

Our staff stays always at the customers disposal with professional kindness.