hpcl_renderTo grab precisely

  • HHPCL 350 opening 350 mm         
  • HPCL 500  opening 500 mm
  • Bronze sliding plates
  • Pressure valve installable to regulate closing power
  • Interchangeable bumpers made of different materials
  • Rotation predisposition

Selection grapple.

HPCL grapples permit to grab and liven up different kind of materials: they can be used for the removal of wooden or metal poles, small bushes and hedges.

On the closing plates it is possible to install bumpers of different materials (Teflon, rubber, aluminum, wood) according to personal needs to avoid any damages to the transported piece and to increase the friction used from the grapple on it.

On the machine head there’s an orifice plate for the fastening of the excavator joint. HPCL grapples can also be used to liven up stones, curbs, bricks, etc.

To regulate the grapples closing force, a pressure valve can be installed to determine the power of the hydraulic cylinder.