Easy and fast pruning.

  • To prune and to pollard hedges, bushes, fruit trees and vineyards in a precise and fast way.
  • Maximum cut 2-3 cm
  • Cutting length 150cm
  • Valve block with anti cavitation, pressure and flow regulation, engine drain input
  • Orbital engines 50cc and 100cc with drain
  • Maximum oil flow 60 l/min
  • Maximum pressure 150 bar

Mechanized pruning.

With our shearing machine taking care of the greenery becomes better and easier. The cutting bar, equipped with interchangeable teeth of high quality, guarantees a precise and fast cut up to a diameter of 2-3 cm of hedges, bushes and branches.

The rotation system of saddle joint permits to tilt quickly the cutter bar in the desired angle relatively to the excavator arm. Moreover, this system protects the hedge trimmer from possible overloading: if the final part of the cutting bar is pushed with force, the closing screw of the conic torque loosens and releases the bar avoiding any deformation.