hlgpinzeLoading logs with strong grapples.
Excavators from 1,5 to 15 tons

  • To grab, to lift and to load big quantities of logs with the safety of high quality equipment
  • Log grapples for excavators, cranes or forestry loaders
  • Built with high quality materials
  • 39NiCrMo3 pins – axle box with bushings
  • Excellent geometry log grab – release
  • High closing power
  • Available without shovels on the forks
  • Possibility to install a chainsaw kit


Grapples for all vehicles

Our forestry grapples are available in 3 versions: HLG F – HLG S – HLG SUPER and thanks to this wide range we can always offer the best solution for your excavator.

All different models are produced with high quality materials, the 39NiCrMo3 pins and the axle box are equipped with bushings and are studied to have the best geometry grab possible. This characteristic together with a high closing power optimizes the wood compaction, increasing the load capacity and reducing the working time.

In the HLG SUPER you will find conical bushings and pins with a big diameter that are more suitable for high demanding customers.


SP Version without shovels on the forks and HLG F10 – HLG F15 Brushwood kit.


ModelWeight (Kg)Surface (m2)Pressure (bar)Load (kg)Dimensions ADimensions BDimensions CDimensions DDimensions EDimensions L
HLG F5480.12max 100500704105501090650330
HLG F10/SP85/900.19max 2001900804405751180695395
HLG F15/SP118/1270.23max 2002100754956751400790425
HLG F15S1310.23max 2002100754956751400850425
HLG F25/SP196/2020.27max 2003100955806751610985490
HLG F35/SP265/2750.38max 20035001206308901740985500
HLGS40 / HLGS40 /SP280/2850.30max 23040001005909001650980620
HLGS45 / HLGS45/SP360/3650.45max 230450015066099519901100630
SUPER 1600 / SP320/3260.34max 25050001006509201650960575
SUPER 1800 / SP405/4100.40max 250600012068098018201005582
SUPER 2000 / SP450/4600.48max 2506000150730101020101100582