To move and load short logs quickly


  • Compact and solid construction
  • Bundles 100cm – logs length 90/120cm
  • Machine weight: 400kg
  • Wire coils weight: 52kg
  • Maximum Load: 1000kg
  • Hydraulic circuit pressure: 180 Bar


Solution to create log bundles.

HLB1 log bundler is built with structural materials that guarantee its solidity and resistance to the closing force of oleo dynamic cylinders.
This permits to have logs or brushwood bundles excellently pressed that can be easily transported, stored and stacked for long periods.

Recommended binding with annealed wire
Simple unloading with 3rd hydraulic point.

Double log bundler


  • Double circular bucket 100cm
  • 2 independent cylinders for every bundle
  • 4 coils holders for a greater comfort

HLB2: more log bundles in less time.

The double log bundler HLB2 permits to prepare and to transport two log bundles at the same time, increasing the productivity.
The log bundler HLB2 is available with a standard unloading system with a third hydraulic point or in the SPECIAL version with integrated hydraulic unloading system.