An equipment for everybody

  • Solid structure – max load 2500 kg
  • Tractor linkage  1 + 2 + 3 category
  • Terminal blade in wear resistant steel
  • Rear mobile closing

HFS-PBE-7The employment in all situations

HFS-PBEThe tractor bucket is one of the more common and used equipment. Now, with our HFS PBE buckets we can offer an equipment that will help you in the collection and in the transport of every kind of material, but it is not all.
Our solid bucket structure in fact will permits you to push with your tractor to level terrains and to set roads, farming and woodland routes, to load rocks, ground and other materials in an easy and fast way.

Our innovative overturning system with a central cylinder and mechanical connecting rod is solid and reliable because the cylinder is in the most protected position and guarantees the most possible overturning (86 degrees of inclination) in a small time because the connecting rod multiplies the movement in relation to the cylinder advancement. These characteristics are the proof of the unicity of our product and of the attention we put when we produce all our equipment, on the tractor buckets as well for example, to make them special for you.


MODELJoints categoryL (cm)W (cm)H (cm)Weight (kg)Volume without bank (l)Volume
with open bank (l)
Load (kg)Bank weight (kg)Total weight (kg)
HFS PBE 140/80I / II1408050290560620150022312
HFS PBE 160/80I / II1608050310640710150023333
HFS PBE 180/80I / II1808050330720800150024354
HFS PBE 200/80 I / II2008050350800890150025375
HFS PBE 180/100II / III18010050350900890200024375
HFS PBE 200/100II / III2001005040010001100200026426
HFS PBE 220/100II / III2201005045011001210200028478
HFS PBE 240/100II / III2401005053012001320250030560