render_HDA2sSplitting wood, but not only. Excavators from 1,5 to 12 tons.

  • Versatile: many possible works with the same equipment
  • Splitting big logs in a small time
  • Conical screw in high grade steel
  • 4 thread pitch 45mm
  • Tempered interchangeable tip
  • Epicycloidal gear motors with high torque
  • Non-dislodgement drive shaft
  • Hexagonal shaft

Splitting logs of any length.

With a screw multifunction log splitter placed on your excavator, splitting wood is easier and logs length won’t be a problem anymore.
To create piles of split wood will be easy as well: tightening of only some turns, the logs can be lifted, liven up and released in the wanted place.

Available tips: (Splitting cone, Stump milling cutter, Augers)
hdas_vite hdaspunta hdaspunte

Remove stumps without any damage.

Your excavator has never been so versatile: after having splitted the logs of the cut tree, you will only need to substitute the cone splitter with the stump milling cutter to completely eliminate the left tree part. This is the only solution that permits you to eliminate stumps, for example on sidewalks, flowerbeds or routes without creating any damages to pavement.

ModelWeight (kg)Oil flow Maximum torqueShaftMax pressure (bar)Excavator (ton)
HDA1 S10035÷601800HEX 502001,5÷3,0
HDA 2 S12545÷753100HEX 502002,5÷6,0
HDA 3 S35075÷1507000HEX 702506,0÷12,00