Vertical soil drilling. Excavators from 1,5 to 8 tons.

  • The perfect equipment to build enclosures, fences and agriculture facilities
  • Reaching a depth of several meters is possible with the use of helical extensions
  • Solid structure to protect the gear motor.
  • Epicycloidal gear motors made in Italy with high output power
  • Hexagonal shaft 50mm
  • Available augers from 100mm to 500mm for regular or rocky soils

Compact and powerful drills.

HDA hydraulic drills can be placed on every kind of excavators with joints built according to the specific requests asked from our customers.

They can also be used with cranes or forestry loaders under their technical characteristics. The high quality of the components and of the employed materials guarantee a great power and a long duration of the equipment.

The body of the geared motor is completely protected by the steel structure to avoid any accidental damage. The double tilting joint permits to have the drill always in a vertical position, even in non-flat areas.


Augers for all needs.

Our augers are entirely produced in our factory and have some special characteristics like for example the Hardox HB500 tips and blades for mixed soils. On the tips for rocky soils instead we use interchangeable peaks with tungsten carbide inserts of the best brands.


Technical characteristicsHDA 1HDA 2HDA 3
Maximum oil flow60 l/min75 l/min125 l/min
Maximum pressure (peak)200 bar200 bar240 bar
Maximum torque2.000 Nm3.000 Nm4.800 Nm
ReducerEpicycloidal flangedEpicycloidal flangedEpicycloidal flanged
EngineOrbital bidirectional 100 cm3Orbital bidirectional 160 cm3Orbital bidirectional 250/315 cm3
ShaftHexagonal 50 mmHexagonal 50 mmHexagonal 50 mm
Weight50 Kg60 Kg95 Kg
Excavator weight1 - 3 ton3 - 6 ton6 - 8 ton