• Strong structure that can be place on all models of grapples
  • Max cut 60cm
  • Weight 150kg ca.
  • Oil flow required Min 60 l/min – Max 200 l/min
  • Compact valves block and engine guard design
  • Lubrication oil tank
  • Automatic saw bar return
  • Adjustable kit placement relative to the grapple center

To cut and to pile in a few minutes

Through the use of chainsaw grapples, to cut and to pile logs ready to be loaded becomes easy and fast. The operator with manual chainsaw will only tear down the tree and cut the principal branches that will be then processed by the operator driving the excavator.
In this way you will have a remarkable increase in terms of volume of wood produced every day.

HCS3-BMore power = more resistance.HCS4

The rotation structure built with high grade steel and with high precision machining is of big dimension. This allows to have more pushing force on the saw bar and at the same time to contain this force with a bearing of big dimensions. We guarantee more cutting power for long time.

The right solution for your forestry grapple.

HCS FASTCUT chainsaw kit can be installed on our grapples but also on grapples from many different brands.

Motore sega10 cm319 cm3
Pressione olio min 200 bar200 bar
Portata olio 60 – 120 l/min120 – 200 l/min
Lunghezza barra sega750 mm900 mm
Diametro max di taglio 500 mm600 mm
Barra e catena 0.404”0.404”
Tensionamento catena MANUALEMANUALE
Larghezza 358 mm358 mm
Lunghezza1150 mm1150 mm
Altezza 570 mm570 mm
Peso 145/150 Kg160 Kg