Per raccogliere ramaglie e potature

hbf header

  • Solid structure – max load 15o0 kg
  • Big opening of upper grab
  • Hydraulic cylinders with check valve
  • Perfect for the transport of branches, pruning, logs and manure
  • Complete closing of superior grab: raking function
  • Tractor linkage 2 + 3 category

To rake, to gather, to pick up.

HBF brushwood fork is made up of an inferior structure with metal laser-cut sheet details put in a vertical position to increase structure power and to simplify the loading. HBF200 shows 2 independent superior closing grabs, while HBF140 due to its reduced width, presents an only central grab activated by two cylinders.The large grab opening permits to load and to transport big quantities of voluminous material like wooden brushwood, meadows or pruning.
It is also very important the raking function that is realized by the grab tips that at the maximum closing come out from the inferior part of the fork structure.


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